Click here to take a tour of the facilities and dry room at the AME Lab where LIC research is conducted.

General Capacitor LLC (GC) is an start-up company focused on the development of patented Lithium-ion Capacitor (LiC) technology. Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Zheng, Sprint Eminent Scholar Chair and Professor at the Florida State University (FSU) holds a key patent for Li-ion capacitors, owned by FSU and licensed to GC in 2011. In partnership with FSU, GC has developed an LiC capable of higher operating voltage and three times the energy density compared to conventional ultracapacitor technology, including the electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC).

The innovation of the LiC is its hybrid cell design, which combines elements from both EDLCs and lithium-ion batteries to obtain favorable properties from both devices. LiCs fill a pivotal gap in energy storage, functioning as a high-powered ultracapacitor that can also stand-in for batteries in many applications.

General Capacitor is the first U.S. start-up company to specialize in this area of ultracapacitor research & development.

GC secured funding from investors in 2014 and moved into its current headquarters at 132-1 Hamilton Park Drive in Tallahassee, Florida in that same year. Daily operations include conducting research and development (R&D) and pilot manufacturing of Li-ion capacitor pouch cells for DoD projects as well as prototype samples for commercial sale.

Since 2015, GC has secured over $4 million in sponsorship of special projects aimed at developing LiCs for use in DoD communications and electrical microgrid systems. GC is also working with several private companies to implement LiCs in new commercial applications. The strategic collaboration established between GC and high-tech industries will bolster the development of next generation products and systems.

GC is planning to release a line of LiC products for commercial sale starting as early as 2018.