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High Performance Lithium-Ion Capacitors



The GC 3.8V LIC can replace and/or enhance existing energy storage devices, including conventional supercapacitors and batteries, to improve the efficiency and performance of electrical systems while reducing maintenance and overall cost of ownership. Ideal applications for LICs are in engine-starting, energy recovery, voltage compensation, auxiliary peak power, and backup power supply systems.


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  • Kinetic energy recovery and auxiliary power systems for gantry cranes, forklifts, and other industrial machinery, including AGVs, RGVs, and drones

  • Improve performance of uninterruptible and backup power supply systems for electronic devices

  • Peak power for radio and communication systems



  • Engine-starting and start-stop systems for hybrid-electric vehicles

  • Recover energy from regenerative braking for hybrid-electric vehicles and electrified railways

  • Cold-cranking amps for engine jump-starting in extreme arctic temperatures



  • Load leveling and voltage compensation for micro and smart grid energy storage systems

  • Smooth power output quality of wind and solar energy generation

  • Absorb transient spikes and provide peak power for hybrid energy storage systems



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